For those of you curious about our upcoming social events

The congress week starts tomorrow and I'm sure you're as excited as we are. International professors, emeriti, students, and other people interested in the vast field of psychology will gather in the historic halls of the University of Zurich to exchange thoughts, empirical findings and theories, and you can be a part of it!

But since we're all psychologists (or psychology fans), what would a congress be without some social events? If you need more social interaction with your peers, need a break from all those lectures, or are just curious about what a week in Zurich has to offer, you're all welcome to join in!

So here are our planned events for next week:

Monday, 20 pm: Scavenger Hunt

To help you get to know the city and your fellow attendees, we have organized a scavenger hunt on the first day of the congress that will take you through all of Zurich's major squares and streets. For those of you who have never participated in a scavenger hunt, it's an outdoor game where a group of people follow clues placed around an area to find a destination. You will be divided into groups and explore our beautiful city together while getting to know your fellow congress attendees. Meet people from our organization, psychology students, and other like-minded people and discover Zurich on your own. There's even some prizes to be won! Sounds like fun? Then why not join us? Maybe you'll find some nice places and views along the way.

One of Zurich’s many bridges, by Trace Hudson (Pexels)
One ofZurich’s many bridges, by Trace Hudson (Pexels)

Tuesday, 20 pm: Movie Night

Who doesn't love a good movie night? This Tuesday night you can join us for our big movie night, relax from the day and enjoy some snacks. For those who haven't had enough psychology, we'll be showing a psychology-themed movie in one of the university lecture halls. But be prepared for a dopamine rush because it will be The Silence of the Lambs. Are you a horror-thriller fan or (like me) just enjoying the time with your friends enough to get through the movie? Then don't miss our movie night!

Movie night
Movienight, by Tima Miroshnichenko (Pexels)

Thursday, 20 pm: Pub Crawl & Clubbing

What would a student congress be without a bit of clubbing? On Thursday, the people from our organization will take you to some of the city's best clubs and pubs. Try our local beer, share a drink with your peers, or show your moves on the dance floor in the club later. Zurich's nightlife has something for everyone and is the party hotspot of Switzerland. Why is Pub and Club Night on a Thursday, you ask? Well, because Thursday is club night for students in Zurich! So, if you want to party like a Swiss student, next Thursday is your chance!

Beer night,by Pavel Danilyuk (Pexels)

Friday, 20 pm: Ice Skating

If you feel the need to get active after a long day of lectures, come skate with us at the Dolder. Built in 1930, the Dolder skating rink is famous throughout Zurich and is located right next to the exclusive Dolder Grand Hotel. But that's not all, with a rink area of 6,000 square meters, it is one of the largest open artificial ice rinks in Europe. Of course, there's also a restaurant where you can eat, drink or just relax. I'm not a master skater myself, but even I like to hang out at the Dolder, enjoy the evening atmosphere, watch the lights and hold a warm cup of mulled wine (called "glüehwii" in Zürich) in my gloved hands.

The Dolder ice rink, Copyright by Dolder Sports
The Dolderice rink, Copyright by Dolder Sports

So as you can see, next week is going to be anything but boring. If you'd like to attend one of our local events, or all of them, you can fill out the registration form at the link below:

I hope I got you interested! Who knows, maybe I'll see you there!

Kind regards,

Main Image: TheUniversity of Zurich, by Nate Hovee (Pexels)

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