Who are those crazy students organising an International Psychology Congress?

First Winter Congress Organisation Committee

We are the crazy students who decided it was time for an international student congress. We don't believe that university is solely about attending lectures and getting a degree. We believe that it is also about making connections for life, about ambition and about discovering the limits of what is possible. When we first had the idea to create an international congress we didn't know if we could do it. But there is only one way to find out!

Krenar Sherifi Psychology Student

Krenar Sherifi – President

Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Zurich
Languages: Albanian, German, English, French

Humans and their internalised and lived paradoxes - what fascinating beings. The symbiotic dance between chaos and order - what a beautiful stage, full of joy and suffering, that humans carry within and create around themselves. My love for psychology goes deeper than I could capture in these lines. It is this love that took hold of me before, but above all during my studies.

Fun Fact: According to an ongoing long-term study, I've spent an average of 55,000+ minutes a year listening to music for the past three years (Spotify, 2019-2022).

Helena Martinovic, student at the University of Zurich and congress organiser.Helena Martinov as child

Helena Martinovic – Vice President

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Communication Sciences and Media Research at the University of Zurich
Languages: Croatian, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

Listen! That is what I can do best. Always have done and always will. It started when I was little and everyone with the slightest issue felt like they should tell me. It's almost like there is a magnetic field around me and people who seek help find me. I'd be foolish not to follow that path an become a therapist.

Fun Fact: Being able to switch between 5 different personalities when speaking another language is a flex, right? Doing that while speaking only one language is considered crazy?

Portrait of psychology student Thomas Walker.Thomas Walker as child

Thomas Walker – Local Event Manager

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Philosophy at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, Englisch, Spanish

The human understanding of how we move and interact with the outside world is something I cant get out of my mind. The question of how people take decisions  or why they show a specific behavior because of a decision has always let me strive for more knowledge on that topic. The cocktail of social, decision and habit psychology is what I have always dreamed of understanding more since ever.

Fun Fact: I live with 42 people in one big house.

Katarina Sladic, student at the University of Zurich and congress organiser.Katarina Sladic as child

Katarina Sladic – Local Event Manager

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Educational Science at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, Serbian, English, Italian, French

Initially, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to study psychology. However, the longer I stayed with my studies and made an effort, the more I realised that it was the right thing for me after all. This taught me not to give up immediately when there is uncertainty about something, but to make an effort first. This experience has also contributed to my engagement in the congress.

Fun Fact: I am allergic to apples but I still eat them because I really like them.

Amy Yeandel Psychology StudentAmy Yeandel  as child

Amy Yeandel – Content Creator (Instagram and TikTok)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Communication Sciences and Media Research at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, English, French

More infos about me coming soon...

Fun Fact: Every once in a while I have to explain to people, that yes I do know that sometimes my pupils are huge and no I am not on drugs, and yes I have already been told that my pupils look big and that I look like I am on drugs, thank you for asking.

Portrait of psychology student Angel.Angel Au as child

Angel Au – Vice President

Integrated Master of Science in Psychology at the University College London
Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Aspiring to be a clinical psychologist, I am studying psychology to inquire into various aspects of the human mind. As an international student studying abroad in the UK, I realised how culture influences our perception of mental wellbeing and the world, motivating me to join the IPSI and organise this Congress. By acknowledging and bridging gaps in international psychology representation, this Congress could be that baby step to guiding change.

Fun Fact: My MBTI type is INFJ, which is one of the rarest types in the world.

Portrait of psycholog student Cesira Lanz.Cesira Lanz as child

Cesira Lanz– Website (Content)

Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, English, French, Latin

I am an advocate for mental health in all areas of life and a firm believer that most things can be solved by looking into the human psyche. That is why I am even more excited to be involved in this congress and to make psychology accessible to everyone, internationally as well as nationally. At the moment I am thinking about doing a PhD to support research and expand my knowledge. But who knows, only time will tell.

Fun Fact: I can't eat bread that has too much flour on the crust, it gives me the chills.

Flora Logoz Flora Logoz as child

Flora Logoz – Website (Content)

Master of Science in Psychology  at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, French, English, Italian

It's not easy to say why I chose psychology - I often feel like it chose me. Psychology, in all its versatility, simply suits my way of thinking. In contrast, it is much easier to say why I did not hesitate to join the organization of the congress: It's just such a great idea that after several semesters of online study, students from all over the world come together to network and share their passion for psychology.

Fun Fact: I watched the documentary about the "Fyer Festival" shortly after joining the organization of the congress and probably will be afraid that we're going to be the next "Fyer Festival" until the congress is over.

Martha Moagi, student at the University of South Africa and  congress organiser.Martha Moagi as child

Martha Moagi– IPSI Secretary General

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology at the University of South Africa
Languages: Sepedi, English, Afrikaans,  isiZulu

I enrolled for Psychology because I was curious about human behaviour but being in the field helped me develop a passion for mental health and I want to spread mental health awareness across the world. Being part of an international congress organising team is a huge achievement in my academic journey.

Fun Fact: I took part in a national pageant without any modelling training/experience and got a Princess sash.

Portrait of psychology student Kevin Iten.Kevin Iten as child

Kevin Iten – FAPS President

Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Italian

This congress is a great chance for the international psychology community to connect and to have an experience outside of the ordinary life at their respective university. Being part of the team, which makes this congress happen, is a joy and i hope the international cooperation in psychology through students can be strenghtened.

Fun Fact: Yellow was my favourite color as a child but society made me rethink that decision.

İbrahim Şahin Ulusİbrahim Şahin Ulus as child

İbrahim Şahin Ulus – IPSI External Affairs Office Member

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology at the International University of Sarajevo
Languages: Kurdish, Turkish, Bosnian, English

Isn't it unique and inspiring that a group of International Students from different world geographies have organized such an enormous congress? What are their aims? Just to organize a congress? Of course not! Their aim is to contribute to the academic development of their colleagues, to create academic opportunities for them, and to inspire them about their future plans, whom they have never seen before, whose names they do not even know, and whom they have never met. Isn't this honorable and noble behavior? I am happy to be able to be a part of this incredible team. I would like to thank the IPSI and FAPS teams for their work and belief in this congress.

Fun Fact: My favorite dish is ''mumbar'', a local dish that I fell into the cauldron of when I was little. Yes, just like Obelix. I could eat a cauldron of mumbar, maybe even more!

Sinthiya RajendranSinthiya Rajendran as child

Sinthiya Rajendran – Website (Content)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Educational Science at the University of Zurich
Languages: Tamil, German, English, French

When I started studying psychology I knew that this is something I want to know more about. As I learned more I saw the importance of psychology especially for mental health more and more. I became a firm believer of the significance of discourse about mental health and love to indulge in conversations about other interesting aspects of the psychology field as well. That’s why this congress caught my interest and made me want to be part of it because it allows just that.

Fun Fact: I never lost at a staring contest.

Paul Springfeld                       Paul Springfield as child

Paul Springfeld – Local Event Manager

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Biology at the University of Zurich
Languages: English, German, French

Inside of every human being lies a vast universe waiting to be explored. The mysteries of consciousness, the realities we construct and experience and our sense of self; the relationship between all of these complex construct is what made me gravitate towards Psychology. This congress provides the opportunity for other people to catch a glimpse into the science that deals with these inner worlds and perhaps introduces novel ideas on which they can build upon. Having the opportunity to contribute to this project feels profoundly meaningful and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

Fun Fact: I thought I´d face my fear of heights by jumping out of an airplane...well it turns out that´s not how exposure therapy works and and here I am still scared of heights. I probably should have consulted the literature first...

Portrait of psychology student Maxim Gartner.Maxim Gärtner as child

Maxim Gartner – Website (UI/UX & Development)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor in Computational Science at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, English, Russian

Is organising a large international congress ambitious? – Yes! Did I think Krenar was a bit delusional when he proposed this huge Congres? – Yes. Did I still join enthusiastically? – Also yes! Studying Psychology for me is about understanding why we do all the weird things we do. One day I want to become a psychotherapist, but for now I really enjoy making websites. I hope you enjoy this one!

Fun Fact: You know when people ask little children what they want to be when they grow up? My answer was millionaire.

Larissa LeuenbergerLarissa Leuenberger as child

Larissa Leuenberger – Content Creator

Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Zurich
Languages: German, English, French

Life is fast. We live in the digital age, try to balance work and life, and have a pandemic to deal with. With the number of diagnosed mental disorders on the rise, mental health is more important than ever. No one knows what the near future will bring, but one thing is certain: understanding human psychology is an important resource for managing this time of change and uncertainty. Not just to understand those around you, but also to understand yourself. That's where our first International Psychology Student Congress comes in. The aim of this congress is to give you a deeper insight into the latest scientific advances in psychology, as well as an opportunity to interact with experts and other people interested in psychology.

Fun Fact: I'm currently doing a long-term study with my five cats in order to find out if they're really empathetic beings or just cute psychopaths.

The main objective of the FAPS is to support psychology students at the University of Zurich in various aspects of their studies and to promote social exchange among them. The FAPS thus pursues the idea of enabling psychology students to enjoy their studies even more through its activities. This results in the following areas of activity for the FAPS:

Our mission is representing international psychology students in international fields, creating a network among international psychology students, providing them with academic and social opportunities and having a close relationship with the psychology communities of the countries involved. Further goals are mentioned below:

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